Knappable materials include any which can be worked by the technique of knapping: flint, chert, obsidian and other rocks, even artifical materials like glass. The special theme selected for ISKM 12 is Bedrock and Alluvial: primary and secondary raw material sources. This conference will cover all aspects of knapped stone raw materials from geological origin, to mining, usage, and laboratory analyses of these materials. Papers will be accepted on any culture or time period. Whether you are a field archaeologist, laboratory researcher, ethnographer or a modern day knapper yourself, we are interested in your research.

Venue and date

The symposium will be held between 18 and 22 November 2019 (Monday to Friday) in the Hungarian National Museum, Budapest. It is the oldest museum in Hungary, founded in 1802. The collection encompasses the complete prehistorical and historical sequence in the Carpathian Basin (Central Europe) with strong emphasis on lithic traditions.

Organiser of the Conference

Department of Archaeology, Hungarian National Museum (HNM)

Registration fee for the conference

The full registration fee for regular participants will be 200 Euro.
Early bird registration before 1st of June 2019 will be 150 euro.
There is a 50% discount for students and accompanying persons.

We will provide facilities for teleconferencing and have a special fee (50 % discount from any applicable costs) for “distance participants” but we would like to encourage in-person participation rather than video-conferencing.

Suggested topics

We will be keeping the traditional topics and sessions of the ISKM and complete it with a
special thematic session titled Bedrock and Alluvial: Primary and Secondary Raw
Material Sources. The following are the regular sessions.

  • Raw material exploitation strategies: mining and surface collecting
  • Ancient lithic trade and economics
  • Stone tool production and processing techniques
  • Polished stone tool production: knapping before and after polishing
  • Use-wear analyses; signs of usage on stone tools (a.k.a. traceology)
  • Geology and mineralogy of knappable materials
  • Characterising lithic sources
  • Lithotheques: collections of comparative raw materials
  • Gemology: obsidian and quartz as gemstones
  • Experimental flint knapping
  • Blade and bladelet evolution in Europe from the Middle Palaeolithic to the Transitional Period - A technological revolution or contingent changes?
  • Lithic technology of recent periods: Modern and Mediaeval

Proposals by participants for other session topics are welcome before 1 December 2018!


A conference excursion for participants is planned to the Ipolytarnóc palaeontological site and/or the Vértesszőlős and Tata archaeological sites.

Local Organising Commitee

Antoni, Judit (Independent researcher, Budapest)
Borel, Antony (MNHN/CNRS - ELTE )
Bácskay, Erzsébet (Independent researcher, Budapest)
Józsa, Sándor (ELTE)
Kasztovszky, Zsolt (MTA-EK)
Kovács Kis, Viktória (MTA-EK)
Kristály, Ferenc (MU)
Markó, András (HNM)
Papp, Gábor (HNHM)
Péterdi, Bálint (MBFSz)
Rajczy, Miklós (HNHM)
Szakáll, Sándor (MU)
Szakmány, György (ELTE)
Szilágyi, Kata (MFM)
T. Biró, Katalin (HNM)
T. Dobosi, Viola (HNM)
Tóth, Zoltán Henrik (MU)

Scientific Committee

Antonović, Dragana (Institute of Archaeology, Belgrade, Serbia)
Brandl, Michael (Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna, Austria)
Biagi, Paolo (Ca' Foscari University, Venezia, Italy)
Burke, Adrian (Université de Montréal, Canada)
Crandell, Otis (Universidade Federal do Paraná, Curitiba, Brazil)
Djindjian, François (Université Paris 1 - Panthéon-Sorbonne, Paris, France)
Gurova, Maria (National Institute of Archaeology and Museum, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria)
Julig, Patrick (Laurentian University, Sudbury, Canada)
Mangado, Xavier (Universidad de Barcelona, Spain)
Mihailović, Dušan (University of Belgrade, Serbia)
Přichystal, Antonín (Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic)
Rey Solé, Mar (Barcelona, Spain / Cluj-Napoca, Romania)
Sánchez de la Torre, Marta (Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain)
Skakun, Natalia (Academy of Sciences, Saint Petersburg, Russia)
Šošić-Klindžić, Rajna (Zagreb University, Croatia)
Starnini, Elisabetta (Università di Pisa, Italy)
Trnka, Gerhard (Universität Wien, Vienna, Austria)
Ţurcanu, Senica (Moldavian History Museum, Iaşi, Romania)
Valde-Nowak, Paweł (Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland)
Valenzuela, Leslye (Nanterre University, Paris, France / Peru)